Agility Goats



This girl is very agile and doing what comes natural to her!

Here she is showing off her balance! Everything in our agility events are designed around what goats do naturally!

Goats Make The Prefect Agility Animal


Have you ever watched goats in their natural setting. Goats are known to have excellent balance. They love to explore new areas. They are very curios and intelligent animals. Most goats are known to be excellent climbers, however, the Fainting goat breed is different. They were discovered and became well known due to their Faint-Ability. This Faint-Ability decreases their ability to climb so they are easy to keep in a fence. They still are  very agile. They have great coordination and are the prefect animal to go through an agility course. AFGO is proud to be the first registry to offer agility courses at the shows. It is NOT just one fun class being offered but an entire mini show of events.

AFGO understands that not all goats are show goats but yet they are still a very valuable part of securing the Fainting goat breed for the future. In fact the breeding stock are the heart and soul of the breed. Breeding stock does and bucks are a treasure and there is nothing better plus they can make a great pet! AFGO has decided to offer Agility classes as another fun way to enjoy your goats. Almost any goat can be trained to be an Agility goat if you are willing to spend some time working with them. We will be offering Agility classes at all of our shows. The Agility classes will follow the conformation classes. The term Agility means moving quickly and easily. Our agility courses will be designed around what goats normally do while they are out browsing or just being goats.  Goats are very active as they hunt for food and play. You will often see babies climbing on their mothers as they play. They will run and jump ( not too high for the Fainting Goats), they will walk on a log or through a water puddle, or even under a low branch to eat.  


Agility events will be judged on the exhibitors ability to guide their goat through the obstacles. The object to make it smoothly through the course as fast as you can without  getting default points. Default points are given for things such as; a refusal, knocking over poles and other things classified as defaults. The events are timed only as a way to  break the tie IF 2 goats end up with the same amount of points. AFGO will not allow goats to be drug/pulled through the course! This should be a fun event for the goats and handlers. Goats will receive ribbons for 1-5th place in each event.  The goal is to offer 3-5 events per show. After all the events are run, AFGO will award a highpoint winner. More on the points system will be published later. AFGO will also offer an agility title to goats that have earned enough points. The title will be called “AGCH” (Agility Goat Champion).  

Each obstacle will be assigned a certain number of points. Points will be given according the difficulty of each obstacle. The obstacles will be placed in a pattern in which the goats are to encounter  them. Patterns will be posted prior to all shows.

AFGO will post pictures of as many obsatcles as we can on our Face Book group so that the members can practice at home with their own goats prior to the shows. AFGO will give you some helpful tips on how to build your obstacle course with things that you may have around your house or things they can easily be used.

Click on the links below to see the goats in action! (You will also have a chance to view several of the obstacles).

Watch Elmo go through the agility course

Watch You go  through the agility course